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Max-- The inspiration

At age 2, Max was diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma after his mother requested blood work from his pediatrician.  Max was developing "racoon eyes" and it was thought, prior to the CBC, that allergies were the culprit since he was not showing any signs of a major issue.

Max was rushed to Levine Children's Hospital where he immediately began preparations for what would become a 4 year treatment plan.  Max was declared in remission (NED - no evidence of disease) on Friday, September 13, 2019 and continues in treatment to this day.

Max continues to have ongoing side effects from treatment that require ongoing appointments, medications and monitoring.  It is unknown at this time what long term effects he will have other than the ones already known to his family.

Max will "ring the bell" in April 2022 signifying his completion of his research trial medication and to celebrate his remission.

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Dianna Lariviere

Executive Director, Founder

I decided to start a childhood cancer foundation because of my son.  If I had not been thrown into this world I wouldn't have known just how awful these children have it.  It's not only heartbreaking but wrong on so many levels.

Max is a miracle.  I'm one of the fortunate ones who can still hug and kiss my child.  He has lived through something not many people can relate to and even though it was horrific for him he is still filled with joy and loves life.  He's my role model.

My family has experienced the fear of not being able to pay bills because of the cost of treatment and the lack of income.  It eats away at you when you should be solely focusing on your saving your child's life.  I want to help someone feel like they have one less thing to keep them up at night. 

You can email Dianna at info@themaxlife.org and events@themaxlife.org 

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Dominique Price

Board Member, Marketing

I am honored to be a part of this foundation, serving local families with a child dealing with cancer.  I know first hand how it can directly impact families financial state, and quickly.  These families need so much assistance to ease the burden of bills and every day expenses that add up quickly when a parent or both are unable to work.  It is my honor to devote my time helping local families and children.

My son, Enzo, is a survivor of JMML, an extremely rare and hard to diagnose form of childhood leukemia. 

You can email Dominique at marketing@themaxlife.org

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Jennifer Barnes

Board Member, Finance

I met Dianna through another board we are both part of.  Her son, Max, just pulls your heart strings.  He calls my daughters his sisters and you can't help but have love for this child.  Cancer is hard and scary for anyone but for a child to have to live it when they haven't had a chance to live life is beyond unfair.  I'm part of this foundation because no family deserves to suffer watching their child fight for survival.  Any support we can offer that provides relief is worth it tenfold. 

You can email Jennifer at financials@themaxlife.org